My Take on The 2016 US Presidential Election


Well, what a year 2016 has been. Politically this year has been something of a whirlwind, especially for some of the world’s political powerhouses. The US Presidential Election has been the centre of attention across the globe.

Personally I am not the most politically savvy man but I could not resist watching each debate and listening to every podcast, simply because this election has been so entertaining.

Two of the most seemingly disliked candidates to ever run for the most powerful position in politics, have created something truly memorable for all the wrong reasons. Here is my take on the 2016 US Presidential Election, from the words of an Englishman!

*Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing or slandering either candidate, I am simply sharing my thoughts and opinions on each candidate from the Election.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Holds Event To Benefit Veterans On Night Of GOP Debate

Okay, where do I begin? In June of last year multi-billionaire Donald Trump, became the leading candidate for the Republican Party. It has to be said that Mr Trump has truly left a mark of epic proportions in politics this year, not for the better either.

Personally, I believe that he has seriously inflicted some damage on the Republican party, as many of the party’s supporters have backed away from Mr Trump claiming he is not fit to lead. At one point in this election it was reported that well over 150 Republican officials denounced their support for Mr Trump, a very telling figure.

In addition to this, I also believe that Mr. Trump has left a bad reputation for the Republican party, as many conservatives in the US are now left with a bad image. People are entitled to support and justify their political opinions, however Mr Trump’s campaign has left a bad taste of the word of “Republican”.

What Effects Has Trump had on the Republican Party?


In recent years the Republican party has seen strong candidates lead the party; Mitt Romney and John McCain to name two. However, I believe that this election has been devastating for the party, as Mr Trump has proverbially dug the party and himself a grave.

At this point I do not believe that the party is in meltdown, however the party has been left with implications that indicate instability. From my point of view, if a leading candidate has a significant number of officials denounce their support for you, there must be a reason as to why.

More specifically, it is also a show of no confidence, which is a sign that perhaps you do not serve the party as well as you initially believe. Of course there are still solid Republican states in favor of Mr Trump, however the party do not stand much chance of a victory this election.

Donald Trump’s Campaign


Mr Trump’s campaign has been every adjective under the sun, literally. Overall one would describe it as entertaining, however at some points there have been moments where the Businessman should have hid, but he decided to weather the storm.

No one shall ever forget his comments in regards to immigration in the US, regarding his intentions to address the issue. In June last year, only weeks into his election campaign, MrTrump stated he intended to “build a wall” between the US and Mexico.

Still to this day many hold this against Mr Trump as the claim was seemingly far too vivid in his intentions.

Mr Trump’s campaign has also met a tonne of controversy, as archives of comments he made decades ago have come to haunt him. Most notably many women have fronted various claims of sexual harassment from Mr Trump, something that has tarnished his reputation and ultimately been the catalyst to lose supporters from his camp.

As strong as Mr Trump has been in this election, I do believe that the aftermath is greater in terms of the fallout. The election results are within less than a week and it is fair to say that time is against Mr Trump and the Republican party, without sounding too biased; Defeat is imminent.

Ideal Candidate for the Republican Party?


Essentially not, no. Mr. Trump has caused more than just a stir of friction in the past year, as he has also led the Republican party close to their breaking point in the senate.

With no past political experience to boot, in my opinion Mr Trump has always been somewhat of an outsider in this election, not literally in terms of winning by votes. Many supporters who have stuck by Mr Trump claim that America needs to be run by a “Businessman”, which is bold to say the least.

Republican official Paul Ryan has had a turbulent relationship with Mr Trump, as the two fail to see eye to eye. This is a sign that Mr Trump has failed to create stable relationships with his officials, which one could accredit to as his downfall.

I personally believe that despite being a figure of money and power, Mr Trump has caused all sorts of issues for the Republican party, due to his seemingly lack of political motivation.

In contrast to this time last year, Mr Trump has seemingly lost far too many numbers in support, which leads me to wonder; Were more people less inclined to vote for Mr Trump to lead the Republicans into this election?

 Hillary Clinton


On the other side of the political spectrum, Democratic party leader Hillary Clinton. Wife of former president Bill Clinton, First Lady from 1993-2001 and US Secretary of State from 2009-2013.

Ms. Clinton has been a noteworthy figure in US politics for many years now, as this election would indicate that her past is mentioned frequently. Ms Clinton has most certainly not managed to escape the abuse of opposition supporters, in fact there have multiple attacks on her political career and personal life.

At this point she remains firmly in the driver’s seat to take her place in the White house, but her campaign has been met with its own controversy much like Mr Trump.

Why has Hillary Clinton Gained so much Heat?


Make no bones about, Hillary Clinton is not the magical squeaky clean potential president everyone has in mind.

While she boasts far more political experience in contrast to her opponent Mr Trump, she most certainly has not escaped the wrath of the media and opposition supporters abuse. Ms Clinton has also been under corruption claims regarding a private email server, something that many hold against her today.

There has been a notorious theme among “Hillary Haters” as Slate.Com said: “Motives for loathing Clinton have evolved. But the loathing itself has remained constant”. In addition to this many have questioned Ms Clinton’s political standing; Is she a full-fledged Democrat?

Many have began to believe that Ms Clinton is more of a Republican rather than a Democrat, which is very interesting. I personally would go on record and say that she is more of a conservative Democrat, if that makes any sense.

Actions speak louder than words and I believe Ms Clinton has proven that the opposite is just as effective.

How Bill Clinton has played a part in this Election


Former President Bill Clinton, has certainly come into play during this election. Husband to Hillary, there is no question that the Mr Clinton has been pulled into the election at the hands of the opposition leader, Mr Trump.

During the second Presidential debate a few weeks ago, Mr Trump  went on the offensive by verbally attacking Ms Clinton and her husband Bill. As cynical as it sounds, one has to admit that it was a seemingly effective tactic from Mr Trump, pains one to admit it though.

In addition to this, many have begun to wonder what role Mr Clinton shall play if she is to win the election and assume a seat in the White House. It is assured that no one shall be surprised that Mr Clinton was brought into debate, literally.

However his presence in the election i believe is not what Ms Clinton needed, simply because it allowed Mr Trump to attack their relationship and his reign as president of the United States. Despite this I do have to applaud Ms Clinton for avoiding an all out argument with Mr Trump, as he attempted to play his top trump *No pun intended*

Ideal Candidate for the Democratic Party?


Personally I am not 100% sure if Hillary Clinton was the ideal candidate for the Democratic party.

On one hand yes; she has the experience to go with it and she has all the right intentions, furthermore she also seemed to be the most viable candidate to lead the party. On the other hand; was it worth it? By this i mean all the abuse, allegations and questioning that Ms Clinton endured; was it worth it?

Not only have the Republican party been left with a bad brand, but one could also claim that the Democratic voter are entirely biased in their support.

As I am not in my right to vote for either candidate (Simply because i am not eligible to vote) from my point of view, Ms Clinton just about remains the most ideal candidate for the Democratic party.

It is fair to say that neither party shall be able to wash their hands after this election, as this is the most volatile both the Democratic and Republican parties have ever been.

There is no doubt that this terms Presidential Election has been nothing short of remarkable, but for all the wrong reasons. With the Election results less than a week away, it seems as if Hillary Clinton is set for victory. This would also see the Democratic party retain their status in the White House for at least four more years.

On the other hand, the Republican party may be left to lick their wounds for now, however they shall need to ensure that they can pick themselves up and go again.

Well I hope you enjoyed this piece of political writing, I sure hope I have not offended anyone! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, it shall be welcome. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @AaronPatel97.

Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!




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