Has Donald Trump Caused Animosity With Republican Voters?


There is less than a week to go until the final Presidential Election results. Wednesday November 8th 2016, shall be a defining day for the world’s melting pot for politics; The United States of America.

At this point it should be noted that Democratic Candidate Hilary Clinton, is all but set for victory. Amidst Ms. Clinton’s campaign (which one could grant as successful) what about Donald Trump?

How has he fared as the leading candidate for the Republican Party? Here is a piece on how Donald Trump has potentially caused long lasting animosity for the Republican Party and it’s voters.

Losing Official Supporters

2013 Conservative Political Action Conference

As I previously noted in my last Blog, it was reported this past summer that well over 150 official Republican supporters denounced their support for Mr Trump.

This is not because they are stepping away from the party, however they were emphasizing their disagreements with the candidate in Mr Trump and his values.

If one casts their mind back to June 2015 when Mr Trump began his reign as leading candidate for the Republican party Mr Trump addressed the issue of immigration in the US, singling out the immigration influx from Mexico.

Mr Trump would also go on to claim he intended to “Build a wall” between the US and Mexico, in an attempt to prevent immigrants from entering the country. While these particular comments where frowned upon by many, it does not compare to his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

In the aftermath of Mr Trump’s proposal, many Republican officials took one step back and questioned Mr Trump’s proposal. Personally I believe that Mr Trump made a bold and very rash statement to which he could not possibly justify, to which has all but come back to haunt Mr Trump.

Mr. Trump’s Ups and Downs within the Demographic


Many of us have stereotyped the average Trump supporter, right? However there are other ways to figure out who and why they remain firmly in the corner of Mr Trump. But it has to be said that those who remain in Mr Trump’s camp, are very specific individuals within the United States demographic.

Here is a breakdown on how Mr Trump has demographically mapped his supporters:

Most successful Demographic for Mr. Trump & The Republican Party


Well over 95% of Trump supporters White Americans, with majority of this demographic being alluded to as the “White Working Class” in the United States.

It sounds very vague and almost too typical, but this statistic would not surprise anyone. But the element of surprise would not come purely due to racial profiling by class, but how Mr Trump has managed to secure the vote of this particular demographic.

How has Mr. Trump won their support?


Through all of Mr Trump’s flaws during this election, Mr. Trump has won states over where Ms Clinton has failed to turnover any support, something I dare to say was clever strategy from the billionaire.

He has gained the support of the White working class, simply because he spent most of his attention and time vying for these supporters, as they are essentially his bread and butter.

Many of the working class demographic Republican supporters feel almost oppressed, due to the term President Barack Obama has served, as well as the Democratic reign in the Whitehouse.

Mr Trump managed to put this demographic in his pocket because he knew he could, as their current socioeconomic status plus their frustration, ultimately meant that they would be inclined to vote for Mr Trump.

Specific States Mr. Trump has secured


Despite Mr Trump’s chances of winning this election slimming by the day, we cannot forget that he has secured several states across the country. Some can be considered to be specific, in terms of the demographic of the voters.

However I shall be elaborating on one state in particular; Kansas. The state of Kansas at this point is within 98% in favor of the Republican party, almost Republican state solid. This is not for one to suggest all supporters of Mr Trump in Kansas are xenophobic or far right, however the demographic of Trump voters are frustrated.

The supporters for Mr Trump in Kansas are frustrated over the states economical performances in the previous years. Kansas has not been a thriving state economically, as they have failed to make any significant economical progress in the last 20 years.

So with this in mind political voters in Kansas, are fully entitled and inclined to vote Republican and even more so for Mr Trump. This is because Mr Trump would have been a breathe of fresh air for supporters in Kansas, as he truly comes across as a different and almost contradictory politician.

That would be another advantage to Mr. Trump; his political aurora, as it is unlike any other presidential candidate ever.

Failure in the African American Demographic

Courtesy Diamond and Silk

For a casual political mind, it should be clear that Mr. Trump has African-American supporters. This is something that I have expressed to several people as they often ask: “Why would African-Americans vote for Trump?” or simply ask “Why?”.

It should be noted that Black supporters in the US are flocking to the polls more than ever, since the election 2012. This is to the credit of President Obama as he managed to ensure that demographic was not left out as he reached out and encouraged them.

In September it was revealed that only 3% of the African-American population were in favor to vote for Mr Trump, which of course would not surprise many but I believe that this demographic is such an interesting populous for Mr Trump.

I personally believe that anyone in the US is in their right mind to vote for Mr Trump, despite their opinions and views on his political assets. If anything I might sound crazy; but if Mr. Trump managed to secure a broader vote within the African-American demographic, his chances of winning the election could possibly have been better.

Mr Trump has failed to secure the vote of the average African-American due to the way he has treated this demographic, as political supporters.

I believe that the average African-American refrains from supporting Mr Trump, simply because he does not speak their political language or suit their values. In addition to this I believe that the manner in which he has addressed them, has been almost cynical.

Singling them out has certainly not swayed their minds, thus his failure in this demographic is justified.

There is no doubt that Mr Trump has managed to garner significant support for the Republican party, however he has failed to secure their trust. This is because while there maybe Republican supporters remaining square in the Trump camp (20% to be more specific) many are voting because they are a Republican ticket.

This makes sense as one shall want to ensure that they stand by their chosen party, simply because it reflects their political values as an American. I would go on a limb and say Mr Trump has missed the trick by not winning over certain demographics, otherwise there may have been a different balance in the polls.

Well I hope you enjoyed this piece of political writing, I sure hope I have not offended anyone! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, it shall be welcome. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @AaronPatel97.

Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!


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