My Thoughts on Donald Trump Winning the 2016 US Presidential Election


It has been a while since I last posted and in that time something significant happened. Donald J. Trump won the 2016 US Presidential Election, an absolutely remarkable outcome. The leading Republican candidate defeated Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton and is set to be sworn in as 45th president of the United States of America.

Here are my thoughts on Donald Trump winning the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Defying The Odds


Mr Trump’s victory truly defied all odds against him. Everyone from myself to majority of the media played down the billionaires chances of winning, something that has come to taunt us in the wake of his surprise victory.

This victory is historic for many reasons but one that stands out most is Mr Trump’s non-existence origins in politics. In June 2015 Mr Trump announced that he would be running for president of the United States and to be honest I personally did not take this seriously.

I have to be 100% honest and express that I wrote off Mr Trump’s chances of even winning the majority amongst Republican party voters, it did not seem likely whatsoever in my opinion. Despite winning the position as leading candidate for the Republican party I continued to doubt his ability to lead the party, let alone win the election.

On the morning of Wednesday November 9th I awoke across the pond here in England to perhaps the most surprising news of all time, Mr Trump leading the election ahead of Ms Clinton.

Just half and hour later as I journeyed to school the radio broadcast was brought to a halt and it was announced Ms Clinton called a conference to concede defeat, Mr Trump had effectively won the 2016 presidential election.

Shock waves sent around the world for both the left and right of politics as very few would have foreseen or even predicted a victory for Mr Trump.

America and The World MUST Accept Trump’s Victory


For many Americans Mr Trump’s win was far too much to digest. However despite the oppression against Mr Trump’s victory the people of the United States have to accept the outcome and move one.

I personally understand that this is not something many want to accept as Mr Trump imposes as a villainous figure. But in the aftermath of the election people must come to terms and essentially wait for his tenure as president to begin in January 2017. This is going to sound as cynical as it gets but everyone deserves a chance, right?

So with this motto all the people of America can do is give Mr Trump a chance. Personally I am very touch and go when it comes to the topic of allowing Mr Trump time to sew his own America. This is due to the almost barbaric nature of his campaign, which fueled far too much animosity.

Some states in the US have been subjected to violent protests against Mr Trump’s victory as chaos descended across parts of the country. Regardless of the chaotic and disruptive scenes there is no going back.

America and the rest of the world shall have hold their breathe and wait for Mr Trump to assume office in January.

My Thoughts


In the run-up to the election I did not hold Mr Trump’s chances of winning highly. After announcing his presidential campaign in June 2015, I did not believe that winning the 2016 presidential election would be possible by any stretch of the imagination.

Furthermore as his campaign began to seemingly loss momentum I continued to play down his chances of winning. As a matter of fact by July I had wrote off his chances overall, now I hold my hand up and admit he truly defied the odds.

Admittedly Mr Trump played a very smart campaign in my opinion, winning the votes where they mattered amongst states as Ms Clinton won voters individually.

Now as President Barack Obama gets set to depart the Whitehouse, Mr Trump shall prepare to take his place.

The United States of America have momentarily paused and shall hold their breathe until January 20th 2017.

Well I hope you enjoyed this piece of political writing, I sure hope I have not offended anyone! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, it shall be welcome.

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Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!


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