5 Things I Hate About Secondary School


They say that your teenage years are the best years of your life. Years to relish and truly explore your boundaries before being old enough to essentially break laws…… but they never warn you about Secondary School!

I am currently in my final year of secondary state education and I cannot wait to leave, honestly. While I cannot slander my years in the upper Sixth Form I never look back with any fondness on my compulsory years 7 to 11.

So without further ado as I pray and hope my teachers never see this article! Here are five things I hate about Secondary School, Enjoy and hopefully you can or could relate:

1. Teachers


This sounds too cliche, right? Well it’s going on the list anyway! Teachers, who’d want to be one eh? Well obviously those in the teaching industry but to the point there was always one.

Every single school year from years 7 to 11 you always had one subject teacher you just failed to get along with or even like, I know for sure I always did. Now of course it is not every teacher because there is always one or maybe two (if you’re lucky) that you got on really well with. However there is always that one or in fact a few subjects teachers you dislike.

Maybe it’s their depicted personality inside the classroom? Maybe it’s their teaching method? or they were simply rubbish! Having a bad relationship with a subject teacher is never healthy as it leads to bad results and take my word for it!

As I have grown older (but not wiser) I have been more inclined to take my hat off to teachers more often, as working with pubescent teenagers is one of the hardest jobs in life…….. but you still hate them anyway.

2. Exams


Mock exams, GCSE exams……. just exams in general are torrid! Sitting in a silent hall between anything from 60 minutes to 2 hours & 30 minutes is genuine mind torture.

In addition to the silence that is almost off putting in a weird aspect, you also have to deal with an exam you are probably not ready for, you shouldn’t deny it either! In the summer of 2014 I sat my GCSE exams and saw my education flash before my eyes, as well as my dehydration levels.

300 odd students packed into a Sports Hall, Middle of July and a sweltering Summer it was like being cooked. Constantly looking up at the nearest clock hoping for time to speed up but feeling as if the concept of time didn’t exist, Relishing the prospect of leaving the exam hall and then getting outside and realizing you fluffed up……. such as your youthful years.

Regardless of the environment exams are horrible and I couldn’t imagine too many look forward to those conditions.

3. Assemblies


“Okay everyone off to the main-hall for assembly” is the worst sentence your form tutor ever muttered.

Eventually the average student shall respond with a groan or explicit language, it becomes second nature. At this point as I am in the sixth form we are no longer accustomed to weekly assemblies and well thank god!

However from years 7 to 11 every week on a designated day you and the rest of your form, along with the year would have to trot along to the main-hall, sit-down and be quiet.

All while a member of staff played an inspirational or motivational video, to which you would never take in. If you were desperately unlucky or your form tutor decided to punish everyone, you and your form were instructed to sit at the front on the cold hall floor, all because your form tutor made you late.

From personal experience it is not fun to lose all bearing of your legs as they are crossed on wooden flooring just for an assembly. It was just too early for anyone to be attempting to inspire or galvanize me, the only thought going through my mind was “I don’t want to be here”.

4. Toilets


Ah yes, truly the pinnacle of hygiene in a secondary school. While this may not feature on most lists I could not help myself.

Based on the standard of hygiene and even safety alone, school toilets make the list. “Always go to the bathroom when you have a chance” King George V was and still remains right, go! (only if you need it though!).

But standing in a toilet with an odor only natural for that environment, looking into a sink that should be white but it isn’t and getting locked in a cubicle and forcing the door open……. all sounds a bit much, right?

Another challenge one faces when they enter the proverbial mosh-pit is tolerating the content of the urinals or toilets…… how and why would anyone would leave such contents there? Obviously toilets are designed for us to release our bowels but for god sake not right there! or there!

I have seen some devastating scenes in the previous seven years. Everyone needs to use the toilet but not everyone uses it properly, which is a shame……..

 5. New Timetables


September is probably the worst month in the calendar year. Why? Well everyone goes back to school, so I guess teenagers dread the month of September? Right?

While some may look forward to receiving a new timetable, there are plenty who dread it. Finding out which lesson is what period, What classroom you are in and more importantly what teacher you shall have for that particular lesson.

The prospect of reuniting with your favorite teacher who taught you in year 8, Meeting new teachers, Having a newly employed teacher or remaining with that teacher who you hate and they hate you. I personally saw no upside to this at all because it meant the start of another academic year so I never proposed too much.

We have all encountered different experiences in our pubescent years but are your teenage years really the best years of your life? I am supposed to believe that after a long and torrid day at school?

I hope you enjoyed this article of absolute nonsense! Make sure you follow me on Twitter @AaronPatel97.

Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!



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