5 Things You Should Avoid Doing During Your Secondary School Years

Yes I know, where on earth have I been? Well I’ve let my writing ventures get the better of me and have become a very lazy Blogger. I am sorry! However I am back and here to brighten your day up with my many failures in life, basically rolled into topical countdowns.

School is well um, rubbish. While one may agree or disagree I personally have hated school. So with this in mind I am sharing my personal experiences from school and shamelessly allowing you, the reader to laugh at me.

Here 5 Things You Should Avoid Doing During Your Secondary School Years.

1. Form Bad Relationships With Teachers.


Supposedly you have one teacher who doesn’t like you, right? Well you might think so but don’t be so sure.

Teachers are essentially our mentors during our school years. They are the ones who shall teach you and provide help where they can, by no means is working with grumpy adolescent teenagers easy.

Forming bad relationships with teachers is an absolute must not! Take my word for it; Walking into class and having the teacher ask you to leave for a double-lesson is not fun. You make no progress academically and you are allowing yourself to miss out on key lessons.

If you’re currently studying through compulsory years at Secondary School, try to keep a smooth and coherent relationship with your subject teachers. Because it will benefit you in the long-term……. trust me.

2. Make Sure You Pick The Right Subjects!


This shall specifically apply to those currently in Year 9 and choosing their options for their GCSE’s or now O-Levels. If you are currently in that process at this point in time, it is vital you choose the correct subjects, I personally cannot stress this enough!

Always pick what you believe you shall or do enjoy as a subject, of course. However do ensure that the subjects you pick possess relevance in terms of what you wish to study in further education or pursue as a future career.

At the end of Year 9 I had selected my three subjects I supposedly wanted to study at GCSE level, by the end of my GCSE’s I could not wait to see the back of them. I endured a torrid time with my options, as I did not enjoy the subjects. I

n all honesty I should have put more thought into choosing my options but didn’t. So with this in mind, please please make sure you choose the right options.

3. Procrastinating.


The Exam period is the most stressful time in the academic calendar. Morning exams are the worst, also the prospect of exams in a stuffy and hot hall can be tough to endure.

None the less some of you may be just months, if not weeks away from sitting exams. Now contrary to popular belief “I’ll Just Wing It” in my opinion might be a far-fetched statement, not for all but for most. Teachers will constantly nag you but you should and essentially have to REVISE!

If you know me well enough, I sound very hypocritical right now. To be honest I hardly revised during my GCSE exam period, only a few times but not through choice of my own. Looking back on it revising would not have hurt me, if anything it would have benefited me and perhaps galvanized me….. probably not.

Regardless of my exam revision mishap, you should be revising because it is the best thing to do. Keep your mind active and constantly working through the exam period, specifically on the aspects of the subject you shall be sitting in examination conditions, it is a huge must.

Be prepared and stay prepared by revising. It’s all cliche but true, such is life.

4. Getting Sent Out Of Class

Student Waiting Outside Principal's Office

Getting sent out of class is not and shall never be fun. One might think it’s a way out of lesson, really it should be opposite of freedom if anything.

There is nothing funny if your Head of Year spots you outside your lesson, where you are supposed to be. Often when I got sent out of class it was followed up by a detention or even being banned from re-entering the lesson all together.

I am going to keep this one short and sweet; Do not get sent out of class because it leads to all sorts of issues for yourself. It really is as simple as just avoid being sent of class and being kicked out of the lesson.

5. Get Locked In A Toilet Cubicle…… Yeah.


So I thought I’d make you all laugh with an ACTUAL story from my school years. To be very honest with you I am not sure how to put this……. I managed to get locked in a toilet cubicle, yeah.

I was in the toilet (of course!) and once I finished releasing my stomach I attempted to casually open the cubicle door, to no avail. The door would not open and I came to the realization that I was indeed locked inside a toilet cubicle, oh dear. This was due to the bolt on the lock of the door being a precarious condition.

After a few minutes of attempting to prize the door open it flew open, thankfully. Fortunately it didn’t break. Luckily no one was around at this time, the last thing I wanted to do is ask for help opening a cubicle door in a toilet.

Leaving the toilet that day I was a relieved man. Yep, school can be a daunting place to be sometimes……

I hope you enjoyed this Blog of absolute nonsense! Make sure you follow me on Twitter @AaronPatel97,

Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!




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