Why I Love Football Manager


During my childhood and early adolescent years, I played far too much FIFA. It was my favorite game to play simply because I love Football. However the days of a younger and more pubescent me getting home, procrastinating and not tending to educational ventures all in the name of FIFA have long gone.

But Football Manager has done a great job at filling that role in my life! Here is Why I Love Football Manager.

The Tactical Side Of The Beautiful Game


From a very young age I was also interested in the Managerial role in Football. While I do play football a fair amount, I have always believed in my ability with the tactics board rather than with the ball at my feet.

The prospect of being in a managerial role has always been more appealing than being a footballer to me. As many look towards the eleven players out on the pitch for answers, the real action and answers for me are in the tactical area; The man with the answers and secrets is often suited-up or in a track suit.

In contrast to playing FIFA your wealth in knowledge shall truly pay dividends on Football Manager.

Yes, you are in control but not via controller as the simulation of the game is determined by your team and its players. Thus your tactical hat must be on and your input for the eleven men is vital.

You can either be the next Jose Mourniho or Iain Dowie. Essentially you can be a hero or theoretically zero.

International Management


Okay so you can manage National teams on FIFA. However the choice is nowhere near as broad as it is on Football Manager, you can manage absolutely anyone!

You may choose to manage the likes Germany, France or Spain the real powerhouses of International football or you can go for a more subtle career choice. I recall one save on Football Manager 2016 I managed the Syria National team, it was something very different.

In fact it might be one of my most successful save sessions ever on the game, as I managed to guide Syria in beating Japan 3-2 in the 2018 World Cup Qualifying Stages.

In addition to managing any International side you desire, you can also manage at Under-21 and Under-19 level. So if you are a Mauricio Pochettino wannabe then give the youngster a stern lesson from your tactical playbook.

Addictive Nature of Football Manager


This is going to sound sad and pathetic…. I am a Football Manager addict, yes.

Once I open up or begin a new save file I simply cannot prize myself away from the game for a good couple of hours. Now unlike most I do not believe this is “sad” by any means however I believe it to be a great quality for the game.

At School I constantly share how my current saves are progressing which strangely intrigues some of my peers.

To cap it all off; I love Football Manager to death, as a matter of fact I’m going to play it now, see ya!

I hope you enjoyed this Blog of absolute nonsense! Make sure you follow me on Twitter @AaronPatel97,

Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!



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