The Uncanny Genius That Is Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau- that particular name may or may not ring a bell. If you are a film fanatic then it probably does but if you are not too familiar with the name, then it’s fair to say you’d enjoy his work, maybe, actually. I don’t know.

This is the uncanny genius that is Tommy Wiseau.

While I am not going to dive into his background and life etc, I want to really write about the pure genius that is Tommy Wiseau. Now like previously said if you are a film fanatic then you more than likely know of Wiseau. More specifically you most definitely know of his directed 2003 film ‘The Room’.

So in 2003 the film industry was brought a small independent movie called ‘The Room’. However no one would have foreseen what lasting legacy this film would have in the world of cinema. It is so bad, that it is so good.

Now before I go on I have to recommend you watch ‘The Room’. While I do recommend you watch it, do not watch it with a partner or friends as a treat. In-fact watch it when you have free-time or just a day-off, that would make more sense. I refuse to recommend the film as a treat, more in the case of “You have to watch it, to believe it”.

There are some scenes that are really uncomfortable to watch, especially one but I’ll save that for another time. I don’t want to talk about now.

This shall not be a film review but that is something I plan to do, very soon. None the less I am now going to provide you a brief insight into the uncanny genius that is Tommy Wiseau.


After his debut in film with the release of the ‘The Room’ in 2003, Tommy Wiseau has become a cult legend amongst film fans. Often referred to as a “masterpiece” his debut film has remained the pinnacle of his legacy, even 14 years later. By contrast though I would not cite the film as a “masterpiece”, as it is more of an artistic mistake.

In general the film is widely famous for its poor film psychology. Most notably the terrible dialogue as a lot of speech goes without any sync, the acting is undoubtedly some of the worst and the production is nothing short of criminal. Seriously the scenery is something of an A-Level students AS film project.

Normally all of this would attribute to ruining a career in film, but in Tommy Wiseau’s case it seemingly catapulted him into stardom. Furthermore it created an unforgettable legacy which has evolved, especially through the medium of the internet.

Thanks to unorthodox film fans, Tommy Wiseau has become one of film’s most underhanded icons. To this day he remains in the hearts of millions, who cannot fathom a masterpiece that was not meant to be.

So that was just a brief elaboration on why Tommy Wiseau is an insane genius, even if his intentions were not driven by insanity. Soon I shall publish my film review for his infamous movie ‘The Room’.

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